Hot Yoga of Laurelhurst

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...The Studio

Conveniently located in the beautiful Laurelhurst neighborhood, Hot Yoga of Laurelhurst offers a tranquil retreat and serene environment for the nourishing, yet invigorating and challenging practices of Hot Yoga and Power Vinyasa. We are 8 minutes from downtown Seattle and 2 minutes from the University of Washington.

Since 2003, Hot Yoga of Laurelhurst has been a warm and intimate environment for fostering this sacred and highly beneficial practice. Our compassionate teachers offer support, knowledge and pose alternatives that ensure each and every student is given the opportunity to maximize their practice while challenging themselves regardless of their level of experience.

Personalized teaching styles lend an enduring and motivating experience that helps to foster the development of the mind and body within each unique individual. Come practice with us and gain the extraordinary benefits that you deserve!

...The Owner

I began my yoga practice at HYL shortly after it opened in 2003. My practice developed slowly as I got used to the heat and the asanas. I came to yoga for exercise, something to add to my usual running workout. When I began I came once a week. That slowly turned into twice a week and then three times a week. About that time, when my practice had become more regular, I began noticing not only physical changes in my body, but I found a meditative quality to the practice. This moving meditation became more fully woven into other areas of my life. I found myself more aware and present outside of the yoga studio. One of our lovely teachers once said that awareness allows choice and I really took that to heart. When I am aware of where my stresses are, where my joys are, where my physical body is on any given day, I can make choices about how I want to be in relationship to those things. I feel as if I am living my life rather than being overtaken by it. Someday this awareness is right in front of me…other days, it’s like trying to see Mt Rainer through fog. But it’s a practice, right?

So my journey with yoga began 8 years ago as a desire for a physical workout but has become something that not just supports me physically but balances me emotionally. white collar attorney For all these reasons, when the opportunity presented itself to own and develop HYL I jumped at it. I want to continue to create a space for this wonderful practice and community of people that have found their way into this practice room. This is your space to breathe and grow and sweat and I hope that you will continue to be nourished by your practice here at HYL. I am always open to comments and suggestions. – Lisa